The Company

Tetech-marine AB founded in 1986. We specialize in Oil Discharge Monitors, Bilge Water Separators & Water Sterilizers and Filters.

The owner and founder of Tetech-marine AB, Peo Tärnbrant have been working with ODME systems, Bilge Alarms & Watertreatment since 1980.

Below a list of companies and systems we have been working with:
Salwico, Controil MK2, Jowa Cleantoil 9000, Cleantoil 2000, Brannstroms Cleantrack 900, Cleantrack 1000, 15ppm T1, M87, M93, Bilgemon, Jowa Duosep, Triosep, Vaf, Seres, Babcock, Rivertrace, MK II, Deckma.......

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